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Marathon Seismic delivers two classes of the seismic protection constructions: seismic isolation systems and barriers.


Seismic isolation is engineered to prevent upper sections of buildings or structures from vibrations caused by arrivals of bulk seismic waves. On the other side, seismic barriers are developed to reflect surface waves from penetration into the protected region.


Marathon Seismic provides comprehensive solutions that enhance the seismic capacity of proposed projects and existing infrastructure.


Seismic protection solutions suggested by Marathon Seismic prevent foundations from bending and tilting, that can cause damage and fracture of the foundations.






The comprehensive protection solutions from Marathon Seismic reduce the earthquake shock energy at the site in up to four times.


The calibrated foundation pad composed of contrast layers provides high energy dissipation of the bulk waves and diminish amplitude of vibrations on the site. This  design is  considerably more efficient in most soil classes comparing with the conventional sand pad.


Seismic barrier is another type of the territorial seismic protection aimed to reflect and scatter dangerous surface wave energy mainly due arrivals of Rayleigh wave. The seismic barrier provides reduction of the surface acoustic wave (SAW) amplitudes within the protected region. Normally, seismic barriers are located towards active seismic faults within the tectonic plate. If the seismic region is close to several tectonic faults, then the barrier forms a closed profile wall.



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